Articles of Impeachment Against Donald Trump and His Republican Enablers

Article 1. Treason of Donald Trump. On July 16, 2018, on live television, Donald Trump betrayed America’s security interests by denying Russia’s attack on America’s elections, by denying that America’s intelligence agencies and Senate Intelligence Committee had obtained proof of this attack, and by lending his personal support to Vladimir Putin, a tyrant with a record of assassinating political enemies and working against American interests around the world. This July 16 instance was the latest of many statements and actions through which Donald Trump placed the interests of Russia or other foreign powers ahead of the nation he presumes to lead and to which he has a Constitutional duty to protect and defend. In perhaps his most notorious action previous to July 16, 2018, Donald Trump asked Russia to execute a cyberattack on America in July 2016, saying “Russia, if you’re listening, I hope you’re able to find the 30,000 emails (of Hillary Clinton’s) that are missing,” Trump said. On that very same day, Russia attacked the Democratic National Committee’s servers, according to an indictment of 12 Russian agents recently issued by Special Council Robert Mueller. In addition, in his attempts to damage the stability of American democracy, Trump is on record as having lied more than 3,000 times since taking the oath of office.

Article 2. Conspiracy to Kidnap Migrant Children to Fuel the American Prison Industry. Over the past several months, Donald Trump has ordered officials within his administration to separate migrant children from parents seeking political asylum and a better life in America and to ship them to prisons across the nation. These prisons are operated by political supporters who conspired with Trump and who were then paid to operate these juvenile detection centers. Even though a judge has ordered the Trump Administration to return these children to their parents, not all children have been returned and some are presumed missing. While some Republicans have provided faint criticism of these deeds, which many consider to be crimes against humanity, they have not censured these deeds or done anything meaningful to stop them.

Article 3. Conspiracy to Undermine the Health and Welfare of the American People. Since becoming president, Donald Trump has repeatedly taken executive actions and has spread misinformation that have undermined the health and welfare of the American people. These actions have included taking steps to weaken the Affordable Care Act and thereby make it more difficult for Americans to obtain health care, starting a trade war with China and European allies that has caused Americans to lose their jobs and incomes while creating overall economic insecurity, and placing corrupt individuals in charge of the Environment Protection Agency, the Department of Education, the Department of Health and Human Services, the Department of Homeland Security, the Department of State, and other government agencies. The goal of these corrupt individuals has been to decimate programs created for the benefit and security of the American people. For the most part, members of the Republican Party have supported Trump policies that have damaged the American people, let alone doing anything to stop them.

Article 4. Conspiracy Within the Republican Party to Normalize and Hamper the Investigation of Donald Trump’s Treason and Other Crimes. From the very beginning of Donald Trump’s crime spree, the Republican Party has knowingly and purposefully defended his actions, despite evidence that his actions were having a detrimental impact upon the American people. Republicans also have deliberately hampered the investigation of Trump by communicating lies about the intentions of investigators and by casting doubt on evidence proven to be true. The House Republicans have deliberately ignored sources of evidence in their investigation of Russia’s influence on the election while lying about the intentions of good Americans who have testified in ways that have destroyed or weakened the Republicans’ false narratives. Republicans also have tried to destroy the reputations of public servants such as Robert Mueller and Rod Rosenstein who are trying their best to find the truth.

Article 5. Conspiracy Between the Republican Party and Fox News to Misinform the American Public. The Republican Party has knowingly and deliberately engaged in a conspiracy with Fox News to misinform the American public through the creation of “news” programming that perpetuates lies and hate. Through unreputable personalities such as Sean Hannity, Bill O’Reilly, Lou Dobbs, Laura Ingraham and others, Fox News has polluted the minds of American with misinformation. The Trump Administration and Republicans have taken advantage of this pollution to turn Fox News into a virtual state-operated propaganda machine through which their lies can be perpetuated and used as a basis to create more lies.

Article 6. Conspiracy Between the Republican Party and the National Rifle Association to Proliferate Weapons and Endanger Americans. Over the past several decades, the Republican Party has knowingly and deliberately conspired with the National Rifle Association (NRA) to proliferate weapons across America in exchange for political donations and favors. Together, these two malignant forces have distorted the true meaning of the Second Amendment, have perpetuated racial stereotypes to create fear, and have deliberately ignored and prohibited federal funding toward the development of research examining the connection between weapon proliferation and gun violence. Republicans have allowed a self-interested manufacturing organization, with not a care in the world about the rights of the American people, to dictate American gun policy as a means of making money. As a result, America is the most violent of all developed nations and the mass shooting of children and other unfortunate victims have become the new normal in America. More American lives have been lost through domestic gun violence in the last 50 years than have been lost in all of America’s foreign wars combined. In addition, the NRA is suspected of money laundering funds from Russian interests and funneling these payments to the Trump election campaign.

Summary: Donald Trump, the Trump Administration and the Republican Party have conspired with Fox News, the National Rifle Association and other malignant forces to weaken American foreign and domestic security, to undermine the health and welfare of the American people, to misinform the American public, and to hamper the investigation of crimes committed against the American people. They have committed these crimes while making efforts to normalize them. As an individual American citizens, I do not have the time or resources to list detailed evidence of these crimes in this statement. However, I trust that law enforcement officials have gathered or are gathering this evidence. My hope is that there are enough uncorrupted officials and media left to assure the presentation of this evidence, that this evidence is used to remove and punish traitors, and that America will recover and resume its quest to provide liberty and justice for all.

Nobody Expects the Spanish Inquisition: The Four, No — Five Steps to Registering Voters This Summer

Those of you unfamiliar with Monty Python won’t understand the inside joke in the title of this article, but many of you will. It’s my way of catching your attention and introducing you to this blog.

This blog’s purpose is to help you become involved in efforts to register voters in time for the November 2018 elections. I decided to write this blog because, when I volunteered to be involved in voter registration, I found there was a need to assist volunteers who wanted to help but weren’t quite sure where to start.

There’s a lot of information out there about getting involved in voter registration — and it’s overwhelming. I will assume your time is valuable and will get to the point.

Here are the steps you can take:

  1. Look for or create voter registration opportunities.
  2. Get permission from the event or group to set up a voter registration table/presentation.
  3. Find people to help, including getting advice from or having the on-site presence of a voter registrar. I am one and am working to form a network among us.
  4. Choose the voter registration forms or technology you’re going to use. (This is a¬†doozy and why you should consult with a voter registrar, at least until you’re familiar with the legalities).
  5. Show up and register voters!

I will write about steps 2-5 in upcoming blog articles, but for this one, I’m going to focus on the first step.

Your first assignment — number 1 — look for or create voter registration opportunities.

As part of my work, I will be trying to find and list voter registration opportunities on this blog as well as on various sites and pages, such as Indivisible Western Springs, 6th District of Illinois, Illinois MOMS Demand Action, CookDeputyRegistrars, Indivisible ILVote, PersistList and others. You may find volunteer opportunities on these sites and pages, but right now they’re hard to find and I’m going to do my best to make it easier by posting them on this blog, as well as asking these groups to more clearly post voter registration opportunities in their events sections. You also can identify an event where you want to set up a voting registration table, or a group whose members are interested in having registration at a meeting.

For starters, I have identified these events we may be able to cover:

This week: Cap and gown pick ups for high school seniors at any high school

June 3: Everybody In Nobody Out: Guaranteeing Quality Healthcare for All, West Chicago

June 15: St. Sabina Peace March, South Side of Chicago

June 20: New Leaders Council Chapter Fundraiser, Pilsen, Chicago

June 23: Chicago Pride Parade, Chicago (There are also pride events in various suburbs)

There’s many more events listed on persist — pick one or more you’d like us to cover!

Now what say you? Do you think we can cover these events (obviously the earlier ones may be difficult)? Do you have other events you’d like to add to the list?

I encourage everyone to jump in, network and get involved. This will be like jazz improvisation — there will be no master song sheet. The best advice I can give at this stage is to do step #1 and give us a shout to get the help and resources you need. It will may take us awhile to become efficient at what we’re doing, but I hope we can develop into a fine-tuned network as November draws nearer.